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Each module provides CE credits for physicians, nurses PA, and healthcare executives. The program was developed and constantly updated by subject matter experts of the ER One Institute. The content is accessed and managed using organization accounts created on www.

Excelsior College 7 Columbia Cir. The program allows for in-depth study in one of five areas of emphasis: administration of criminal justice; corrections; law and society; law enforcement and public safety; and homeland security. Educational offerings campus-wide, at the graduate and undergraduate levels, are detailed at www. Multimodal Transportation, Logistics Management and Maritime Activities are just a few of the plus core and customized courses, seminars and conferences offered here.

GMATS develops and implements training in Nautical Science, Maritime Engineering, Transportation, Security and Management at our state-of-the-art facility with maritime industry professional instructors.

Henry liu. These outstanding graduate programs are "designed and delivered by professionals, for professionals. The course, along with the accompanying manual, was developed by the International Trauma and Disaster Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital. The manual includes 25 chapters of detailed information on specific topics designed to compliment the basic provider course.

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Jacksonville State University Pelham Rd. The degree program is designed to prepare students for emergency management careers in the public, private, and voluntary sectors.

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The interdisciplinary curriculum blends theoretical perspectives with professional practice, and emphasizes application of knowledge to practice settings. JSU offers both online and on-campus courses. This degree balances conceptual knowledge in emergency management with skill acquisition in crisis management, hazard assessment and other analytic and management skills. All requirements for the degree can be met through distance learning.

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At this time, JSU has approved in-state tuition for all online graduate students. A total of 30 graduate semester hours of emergency management courses are required for this degree. The Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals prepares individuals to play a key role in the information assurance field by offering courses that build skills in areas such as enterprise security and privacy, network and Web security, public key infrastructure, cryptology, and biometrics. Classes are conducted weekday evenings and Saturdays to accommodate working professionals. Kirkwood Community College Kirkwood Blvd.

Internet supported instruction coupled with hands-on training and workshops provided by partner organizations across the nation provide flexible training for workers in the hazardous material, wastewater, water, and solid waste fields. Kirkwood envisions that through these curriculum technicians and professionals alike will be able to apply biological, physical and chemical principles to assist them in the recognition and response to terrorist agent threats as well as plan for contingencies and recommend engineering controls.

Programs includeresponse to Foot and Mouth disease and Avian Influenza. An overview of agroterrorism and biosecurity, plus training modules on quarantine, worker personal protective equipment, depopulation euthanasia procedures, disposal of animals, and cleaning and disinfection are presented. A foot and mouth disease outbreak scenario and avian influenza outbreak scenario are featured and emergency responder field notes are provided. Lansing Community College Cornerstone Dr. Huber Professor huberj2 lcc.

Laramie County Community College E. College Dr. Courses are offered both in class and online. There is a certificate program available for individuals not desiring a degree. Phase 1 is scheduled for completion Febuary Training is currently taking place on our main campus and throughout NE Pennsylvania. Miami Dade College N. Jennings, Ph.


Michigan State University S. Harrison, Nisbet Bldg. Monroe Community College Scottsville Rd. October 2- 4, , Colorado Springs, CO. Visit www. Pending college credit. The program is also designed to meet the educational and professional needs of individuals in law enforcement who are interested in professional development or career advancement. The emphasis in the program is criminal justice and the study of theories, concepts, statutes, laws, procedures, and methodologies governing the various organizations within the criminal justice system.

The program includes course work in basic forensic science, research methods, juvenile justice, corrections, criminology, leadership and management, civil and criminal investigations, court systems, criminal law and a senior research project supervised by full-time, associate and select core adjunct faculty. The program is also offered online. A student may complete this degree program either online or in traditional classroom setting on-ground.

To accommodate their time constraints, NPS requires students to be in residence only two weeks every quarter for a total of 12 weeks for the whole program. Students complete the remainder of their coursework via the web. The Homeland Security Executive Leadership Program consists of four modules beginning with foundational aspects of homeland security and the threats, proceeding to describe the nature of the threats, legal and cultural aspects of preventing and preparing for the threats, the collaborations necessary to effectively manage the information sharing, threat recognition, protection measures, and plans in preparation for action.

The Mobile Education Team MET program is an intensive half-day seminar on homeland security designed to help strengthen US capability to prevent, deter, and respond to domestic terrorist attacks, and to build the intergovernmental, interagency, and civil-military cooperation that homeland security requires. The seminars are conducted by Mobile Education Teams MET comprised of nationally recognized experts in various areas related to Homeland security. The MET seminar focuses exclusively on enhancing the capacity of top government officials to successfully address new homeland security challenges.

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The MET seminar is also available for major urban area senior homeland security leaders. Springfield VA www. Michael Pariser Assistant Dean mpariser nvcc. The degree program is designed for those students who wish to prepare for administrative jobs in fire protection. Students take six credit hour seminars. The first 18 credits are completed by all students and constitute the core of the program while the last 18 hours are devoted to the specific concentration the student wishes to pursue.

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Oakland Community College Featherstone Rd. Police, fire, emergency medical services, emergency preparedness, homeland security. Laflin Executive Director natlpete maine. We also do curriculum development and project development that benefit our college network partners. As the first MHS offered by a medical school in the U. Health care and non-health care professionals will benefit from a curriculum that spans eight academic departments of Penn State.

Graduates of the program will have a fundamental understanding of the principles of hazard analysis and incident management with respect to disaster planning and coordination, natural disasters and CBRNE incidents, agricultural biosecurity, critical protection of health care infrastructure, and the political, legal, psychological and social aspects of terrorism and natural disasters. Academy Blvd.


Purdue University Gerald D. Mann Hall S. Intramural Dr. Individuals with expertise in veterinary medicine, public health, animal science, and homeland security are encouraged to participate. Participants enhance their understanding of natural and intentional threats to animal health, strengthen their skills in management of animal-related emergencies, and develop problem-solving expertise to become effective members of animal emergency response teams and their communities.

Clayton Wheat Williams—West Texas oilman, rancher, civic leader, veteran of the Great War, and avocational historian—was a risk taker who both reflected and molded the history of his region.

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  8. As a youngster accompanying his father on surveying trips through the countryside and subsequently as a cadet at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, Williams developed a toughness that served him well on the battlefields of France and Flanders. After the war, Williams returned home, where he taught himself petroleum geology—so effectively that he picked the site of what would become in the deepest producing oil well in the world.

    With his brother, he mapped the structure of what later became the Fort Stockton oil and gas field. On the civic front, Williams served for fourteen years as a Pecos County commissioner, and he held offices in a number of social and civic organizations. Williams left behind a treasure trove of letters, personal papers and writings, and interviews with his family, documenting in rich detail the story of an unforgiving landscape and its people during a pivotal period of American history.

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    Cowboy spurs are a pure form of American folk art. Like the cowboy himself, the way spurs developed was molded by their use and the environment of the range, along with a generous dose of individualism and pride. Cowboy Spurs and Their Makers tells for the first time the fascinating story of this western art and the artisans whom professional historians reference for identifying spurs used by riders of Texas and the Southwest. A visit with contemporary spur maker Jerry Lindley, with pictures of him at work, traces the process and mechanics of hand forging spurs and decorating them by the overlay method.

    In lively detail their histories unfold, along with helpful descriptions of their techniques and most representative spurs. Eighty-five black-and-white photographs and twelve color plates lavishly illustrate the spurs and their makers. An appendix lists many other artisans, past and present, with the locations of their shops and the identifying characteristics of their products.

    Western History. She chronicles Jewish buccaneers with Jean Lafitte at Galveston; she tells of Jewish patriots who fought at the Alamo and at virtually every major engagement in the war for Texan independence; she traces the careers of immigrants with names like Marcus, Sanger, and Gordon, who arrived on the Texas frontier with little more than the packs on their backs and went on to build great mercantile empires. Cattle barons, wildcatters, diplomats, physicians, financiers, artists, and humanitarians are among the other notable Jewish pioneers and pathfinders described in this carefully researched and exhaustively documented book.