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The highlight was without doubt a dazzling soprano solo that sent shivers down the spine. The singers, too, contribute to the sounds of flying using unusual but highly effective vocal techniques. With perfect diction and intonation, this was an utterly faultless performance by the choir. This allowed the audience to see where each individual member of the choir was in the chorale, and certainly added to my enjoyment because I could understand what was going on as well as enjoying the beautiful sound. In this piece, the choir is divided into three choirs: Higher choir, Faster choir and Stronger choir, arranged on stage as an Olympic podium.

Soloist Grace Davidson and percussion group ensemble bash were fantastic and this piece was a pleasure to witness.

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And so Heap came up with a song where some of the words can be changed by the singer to fit their own experiences. Grammy award-winning operatic soprano Hila Plitmann is well respected on the international music scene. Although Plitmann has an impressively high tessitura, the sound lacked depth lower in the range where often it was impossible to make out the words even though she was amplified.

Australian Chamber Choir, Melbourne Baroque Orchestra: Bach's St John Passion

In our second opportunity to participate, Whitacre involved the entire audience in the final section, where, along with the choir our finger snapping created the sound of rain after an almighty thunderclap. Our privacy policy was last updated on Monday 24 June View it here Dismiss.

Bach arr. Edwin London - Come Sweet Death (Eric Whitacre Singers)

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Whitacre , Alleluia. Bach , Other Bach Again, arr. E London.

Australian Chamber Choir, Melbourne Baroque Orchestra: Bach's St John Passion | The Senior

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