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In working with adolescents, Gerda focusses on using techniques that draw from the strengths of Gestalt, Narrative and Cognitive-behaviour techniques to develop treatment plans for adolescent that can help them utilise their unique strengths to overcome their challenges. As she understands that a child or adolescent with problems often place a burden on families, Gerda works with the family surrounding the child, to help them facilitate the change that a child needs to undergo in order to cope with their circumstances. She will be offering individual therapy as well as group therapy, as the need arises.

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Through Body Intelligence, the emphasis of her one-on-one sessions is on the recognition and improvement of neuromuscular patterning. Give us a break: Diaries of a group of … Johannesburg. The binding is excellent. GK Give us a break: Diaries of a group of Soweto children : a collection of ….

Riordan Author When she describes her childhood, she dwells on a wealth of positive sensations: swimming in the dam in the summer; polishing the copper in the garden under the loquat tree. The raucous clamour of the hadedas, the sound of children's songs, the singing of myriad birds and buzzing of insects, the soporific January heat, and the sudden, violent electric storms are all brought to vivid life not only in her prose, but also in her poetry.

For Black, the glass always seems to be at least half full, and even hot nights made terrible by mosquitoes, and bitingly cold Eastern Cape winters are fondly remembered. It was only after the family moved to Stellenbosch that the ataxia, which already plagued her older brother, began to manifest.

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Yet she remained strong and positive. Carefully faded photographs lend an intimate feel; we see her as a child with her beaming mum, her sexy dad, her gorgeous brother. But as an adult, we have Black in a wheelchair, on her modified scooter and leaning on her walking aid. Guide Dandelion Diary: Marguerite Black.

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.


One signature and a little foxing. Books George.

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The Secret Diary of God: …. Books Umlazi. Books: O Valiant Hearts Waterfall. Set in the Eastern Cape in the first half of the nineteenth century, it shows how a …. Books Kimberley. Not only does it record the daily life of a private soldier at the front - the journey to South Africa, the …. Books Thohoyandou.

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Sword in the Sand Johannes Meintjes Soweto. When the Adjutant ordered us to let him drop,'one of the guardsmen said later,'it made me sick. For weeks I had personally looked after him, and I felt as if I were burying my own ….

Books Soweto. Notes from my Diary A. Van Schoor Johannesburg. The boards are rubbed and marked.

Internally clean. Excellent binding. Very good copy. Books Katlehong. Foreword by Shane Warne. The wraps are a little shelf rubbed and edge worn. The text within the book is clear and bright. The binding is excellent. Books Springbok. European Diary: Books Johannesburg. Books Pinetown. Norwegian Diary, Books Johannesburg.

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