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Mog, oh dear gods.

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I have Aspergers syndrome too. Llewellyn, yeah, atonal music does that. Those of my characters who have that experience typically find it a source of profound relief! They sound like something I might actually enjoy watching. Your Kittenship, nope.

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I read Watership Down many times, Shardik two or three times, the first third or so of The Plague Dogs once, and gave up on him thereafter. David, I remember it well. Llewellyn, exactly! Dune gets much of its power through its sheer moral ambiguity; Paul goes through all the dangers he faces, guided by a terrible purpose — which turns out to be mere population biology. I really, seriously pity those who buy into the rhetoric of specialness, and then find themselves in a world that could not care less about their alleged importance if it tried. My main reaction was a to rename the main character Kvetch, and b to suspect that a lot of readers really wished that someone had just stuck a spear through him early on, and spared everyone else a lot of annoyance.

Thank you, JMG! You put your finger on the mystery of why I caught the bus at Normandy Park, just down the street from Burien, to go and see Star Wars a whopping 11 times. Now I see why. Makes perfect sense! Of course, unlike the protagonist of the latest trilogy, Luke did have to work hard to master his abilities. You could argue that Rey is tough because she lived a hardscrabble life on a desert planet, but so did Luke. Ron, a good point. Patricia, thanks for this.

why do interviewers ask about your favorite books or movies?

The advice worked uncommonly well. I suppose that makes me an evil druidical overlord! Er, Ottergirl, where in Normandy Park did you live? I lived on Sylvster Avenue about a block outside the Normandy Park town limits, and caught the all the time. We may have been on the same bus…. Justin, no, that was all retconned in by the later movies in the trilogy and then the prequel, which is dripping with Chosen One nonsense. Watch the movie sometime with no preconceptions and see what it says. I have watched several friends of mine be dragged kicking and screaming into college, as in their parents literally pinched their arm and pulled them into the financial aid office to be handheld as they signed their life away on the dotted lines.

It is only the richest of these friends that actually seem to have gotten their drivers license accompanied by a nice BMW. The friend that got that promptly wrapped it around a tree. Then bought another one. When I listen to them I often wonder what is a valid excuse and what is not.. It is clear to me that many of these households position of privilege is to be undone in the next few decades.

Long decline etc. I see the appeal in that, it just irks me a lot of such young people seem to do it only to indulge in Weed. But being nobody is perhaps more profound. This got me thinking of The Matrix. Neo could no longer doubt that he was The One. And so the whole thing came crashing down along with all the tenuous metaphysics the first movie had set up but could never deliver on.

JMG This is really profound. I submitted a comment a few seconds ago and this was there when I refreshed the page. It seems like this the biggest problem with being a chosen one, in any sense of the word. Perhaps only the wisest parents would not want their children to be so chosen.

Either way this whole subject gets dangerously close to one of my hobby horses in how bankrupt Hollywood is. I do like comparing the top grossing movies of vs That year had a more diverse selection of genres in the top 20 and quite the stable of classic movies. That year even gave us another another George Lucas Everyman in Willow. I think I may have driven spellcheck insane.

I loved the hero, Sam, and heroine, Tish. Therese of the Plaster Jesus was born, felt she had a special mission from God at age 5, entered the convent at age 16, died at age 30 while smiling peacefully in the middle of prayer. A little later in life I returned to my childhood faith, and lo and behold, if you read may of their actual writings as opposed to the respectable-society, abridged plaster hagiographies found in Catholic school textbooks of my youth , they come across as perfectly normal people struggling with ordinary or extraordinary situations, trying, sometimes succeeding, often failing, to follow Jesus.

Well, that sounds like an epic adventure I can sign up to! Without this detail, the entire trilogy would have still been an enjoyable fantasy, but not a truly great one. The appeal is to watch a creative team go buck wild with their imaginations. These fictional Earths are canvases against which various writers and artists act out the largest stories they can come up with.

So the superheroes become savior figures. Also along the lines you mention are movies based on YA fiction. The Hunger Games worked, I feel, because the main character was an ordinary person who was good at bow hunting. The real sludgy stories out there feature angsty teens who have super aliens or gods or what have you for parents.

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My way out was to go to work in a series of minimum wage jobs and live in a series of tiny, rundown apartments for a while — in those days two people working minimum wage jobs could afford an apartment. The crucial point is to say no, and make it stick.

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Simon, duly noted. Other Dave, thank you also. Trust me, I get the temptation to go on a geek rant — and fall victim to it now and then. Carlos, have you considered writing a guide to saints as real people, aimed at the teen and young adult market? It might help…. Robert, everyone was waiting for you to bring it up.

I also prefer comics to movies — what an artist and writer can do on sheets of cheap paper is far more enticing to me than what millions of dollars of special effects can do on a screen. Middle aged middle manager with a Midwestern state college degree gets replaced by yet another Ivy League go-getter.

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Groupthink ensues. After work, the virtual worlds of Nextflix, pithy Ted Talks and yes — superhero movies — reinforce these themes ad nauseam. But who are the heroes of the managerial caste? Well, Ayn Rand is a reference point, but not mentioned in polite company. Many of you have provided lots of great synopses of novels and movies so that I may choose from a buffet of authors to read rather than going to the library and aimlessly wandering the stacks.

Anyone else who is interested is welcome to it as well. That said, I hope you enjoy it. I wanted to write something funny as I sensed I would be trying my hand at some more serious fiction in the future it was penned around If you enjoy it, please leave a review on the Kindle page; reviews really help. John, true anecdote: the other day I was talking to my eleven-year-old, Harry Potter-obsessed niece and she was telling me something about one of the villains in the story I know very little about the story as I came of age a few years before the books came out.

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Needless to say, I had to chuckle to myself. Sylvester Road! My baby sister, now 53, went there, and then Highline High School. Anyway, that place was about a 15 minute walk from our back door, not that I ever visited it. Last I heard it became an academy for the State Patrol. His first two tales, Pamela and Clarissa, were romance novels featuring lusty villains in hot pursuit of reluctant heroines.

A recommendation for a sci fi series with a fairly ordinary soldier thrust into a meaningful role. Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson. The first book is Columbus Day. I recall the snarky Prof. Snape became the third most popular character in the series. The author vindicated them in the end.