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Securitisation has moved on, becoming ever more complex inboth its detail and its variety, but John's book never fails todeal with all the intellectual challenges posed, in a clear,logical and comprehensive fashion. A must for all practitioners-? I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book comprehensivelyoutlines the various structures encountered, ranging from true saleand future flow financings to synthetics and whole business,addressing not only the framework of the structures but also theregulatory and accounting implications.

A must have referencebook. This authoritative worklooks at the recent synthetic structures and credit derivativesused in CDOs and at the new Basel Capital Accord and addresses theframework of these structures as well as the regulatory andaccounting implications. Chapter 5. Risk and Valuation Issues.

Global Securitisation and CDOs (Wiley Finance)

The Portfolio Diversification Myth. Abnormal is Normal. Mark-to-Market Hazard. Cash Flow Hazard. Global Derivatives Risk. Loans and Leveraged Loans. The Leverage Paradox. New Structured Finance Deals.

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Brain Damage Theory. Dead Man's Curve and Leveraged Funds. Margin of Safety v. One-Sided Illiquid Leveraged Bets. Chapter 6.

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Early CDO Technology. True Sale Hybrid, and Synthetic Structures. Credit Enhancement. Monoline and Multi-Line Insurance. CDO Classification.

An Empirical Analysis of Asset-Backed Securitization

Market Value CDOs. Cash Flow CDOs. The Origins of U. Chapter 7. Early Warning Commercial Financial Services. Rating Agencies' Failed Models. Anatomy of A Flawed Process. Early Red Flags. Selling Out the Future. Ignoring an Audit Report. Lessons to Be Learned. Fallout from CFS's Bankruptcy. Chapter 8. Thruthiness in Lending and Borrowing. The Predators Fall. Classic Ponzi Scheme. Portfolio Risk. The Risk Managers' Dillemma.

How to Create A Securitization Disaster. Models Versus Common Sense. Investors and Ratings.

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A Good Year for Some. Disclosure: Investor Fallout from the Mortgage Debacle. Market Fallout from the Mortgage Debacle. Redlining and Red Ink. Chapter 9. The Arranger and the Manager. Mandate Agreement.

follow site Deal Assembly. Selecting the Portfolio and Impact on Rating. Rating Criteria and Restrictions. Substitution and Reinvestment Criteria. Warehousing Assets.

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  • Pricing and Closing. Ramping up the Portfolio.

    Reinvestment Period. Non-Call Period. Paydown Period.

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    Early Termination. Legal Final Maturity. Tranching and the Synthetic Arbitrage Advantage. The Super Senior Advantage. Settlement in Event of Default or Credit Event. Sample Cash Flows. Chapter CDO Equity Structures. Previous edions have consisted of a number of chapters written by the author and a collection of papers from leading market practitioners. This edition departs from the previous format. All chapters have been written by the author. The First Edition of "Credit Derivatives" was published in It was designed to meet the growing interest in complex instruments.

    An updated Second Edition was released in