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He writes:. What can the individual do at all? What is expected is good behavior.

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To insert oneself into casting shows or categories of entitlement so that one appears as a role model for the conformity of the others—this is rewarded… Otherwise there is little opportunity: a few extreme- charismatics from the under classes may succeed in climbing to the top— but once at the top, they remain cannon fodder. In such a situation, diving into revolution returning humanity to humans then remains the reserve of suicide ideas, or highly organized terrorist machineries.

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Linda and I initially had hopes that our intellectuals, particularly our economists, have the answers; yet, we were disappointed. I am a specialist, not a generalist. In former times, powerful elites hid behind thick and high walls, they built palaces and temples like the Forbidden City in Beijing. One wonders whether there is a war of domination going on, even though it is not a clearly defined war in the classical sense.

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Critical voices were marginal prior to Now, they enter mainstream media. Renowned scholars, such as Thomas Homer-Dixon or Immanuel Wallerstein, caution that economies cannot keep growing and that the global economy will not recover, now or ever. An extensive survey of the quality of bank services carried out in in Germany indicates that they have not. Worse, bank employees are pushed into unethical behavior more often than before. Only one of 25 bank advisors passed the test of gathering the necessary information about the financial background of a potential customer and advised that individual correctly.

Investment bankers marketed these products to the wider clientele while taking great care never to invest their private capital in such products. It is illuminating to understand the extent to which the amount of pay may not reflect the true value of a job. Justifications for high pay may belong to the realm of myth. A study in the UK reveals:. One does not need to be an expert in economics to observe that throughout history, new and improved tools and weapons or methods of making them gave superior leverage.

Only a culture that defines liberty as a level playing field protected by appropriate regulations can protect the common good for all Chapter 8. As it seems, Lundgren has a point. Collective action in the European Union to regulate financial markets has been slowed down by vetoes from the United Kingdom in their effort to protect the special interests of the City of London.

As it seems, when a society gives primacy to profit maximization, politicians become vulnerable, per design, to being bribed to bend legislation. We read in Time Magazine:. When John McCain was still a raging reformer, he pointed to the tax code as the foundation for the corruption of American politics. Special interests pay politicians vast amounts of cash for their campaigns, and in return they get favorable exemptions or credits in the tax code.

In other countries, this sort of bribery takes place underneath bridges and with cash in brown envelopes.

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In America it is institutionalized and legal, but it is the same— cash for politicians in return for favorable treatment from the government. The U. Congress is able to funnel vast sums of money to its favored funders through the tax code—without anyone realizing it. The simplest way to get the corruption out of Washington is to remove the prize that members of Congress give away; preferential tax treatment. One does not need to be an expert in economics to observe current power imbalances not just at national levels, but also between global financial markets and national politicians.

And the reasons for failure are evident, identifiable in many parts of the world.

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Collective action of nations depends on processes of consensus-seeking that are tedious at best. Many leaders would even lose their positions if they seriously promoted the change that is needed in the world. Cooperation works. What works in politics is conflict. It may be interesting to begin by inquiring how Anglo-Saxon culture, continental European, and Scandinavian culture differ.

The Nazi belief system was disastrous. It should not be misinvested in new disastrous beliefs, defining freedom as the absence of oversight, for instance. The City of London and Wall Street may still squander that earlier victory. One does not need to be an expert economist to see that economic crises cannot be remedied by unfettered growth of high throughput economies proceeding from resource to waste,63 in contrast to cradle-to-cradle economies, for example, that would create circles from resource to resource,64 or to no growth economies.

The truth is we need it more than ever on a planet of six billion heading to over nine billion people by Admitting to this sense of helplessness, in shared humility, instead of fighting about outdated beliefs and solutions, is the path to take. Joining hands in search of new and more inclusive futures is the path to walk, rather than defending ideologies and arrangements that will save neither the planet, nor the 99 percent, nor the children of the 1 percent.

Perhaps it is time for us to be humble and to be humble together. This is why I wrote my last book on love, big love. We need a new generation of Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandelas who are able to lead in new ways. Social ecologist Peter Drucker calls for organizations to function like orchestras. It is precisely to manifest a new future by starting a new kind of institution that is far enough outside of existing paradigms conceptually to encourage change, while close enough for cooperation in practice.

In our work in the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network, we attempt to acquire a sense of the contemporary Zeitgeist by keeping our fingers on the pulse of change. We always make an effort to understand all sides of an argument, including its extremes. Linda and I always try to find experts who can explain the situation to us in an easily accessible way.

For example, what is fractional reserve lending, we ask, and is this practice perhaps at the core of our worries? If yes, what would be a better arrangement? What is a haircut? What is quantitative easing? As reported earlier, to our dismay, most people, even people within the field of economics, have confessed to us that they do not fully understand the workings of the overall economic and monetary systems. A cloak of mystery and uncertainty surrounding economic dealings keeps us in the dark.

This was at the Thirtieth Annual E. He wanted to learn about the real economic challenges she had discussed in her talk. She recommended that he look outside of business schools or economics programs, at anthropology or sociology. Linda and I began our journey into the field of economics by looking at classics. Henry George — was an American writer, politician and political economist and the most influential proponent of the land value tax. He was author of the best selling economics textbook of all time, Economics: An Introductory Analysis, first published in and now in its 19th edition.

Meade, was a British Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics in jointly with the Swedish economist Bertil Ohlin for his contribution to the theory of international trade and international capital movements. Houkes who, during his tenure as head of the Management and Economics Library at? Purdue University, compiled an exhaustive bibliographic work on this topic.

I am not one of these people who thinks that capitalism is inherently wicked. Schumacher Lectures in New York City in and Schor and Gar Alperovitz.

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As mentioned earlier, their presentations gave me great hope. All panelists understood that this is not the time for quick solutions; a long term process of change has to be shaped. Margrit Kennedy, an architect who works internationally, is one of those voices. Linda and I are encouraged by economist Rodrigue Tremblay and his book on global ethics. Yet, so we learned, perhaps it is impossible to put money at the service of society?

Perhaps even the most well-meaning initiative in an apartheid-like system is futile? Howard Richards, scholar of peace and global studies and philosophy, and an important member in our HumanDHS global advisory board,28 contends that the entire system must be reshaped and that all attempts to bring people out of poverty by bringing them into the money market as it is defined today, are doomed.

The bottom line, which marks modern civilization as fundamentally defective, as distinct from incidentally troubled, is, as Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael, tells us, whether people share food. In the modern world people starve not because there is no food, but because there is no norm prescribing its sharing, while there are norms separating ownership from need. This is a bottom line that illustrates a key point; it describes not so much what we think as what we presuppose; not so much our scientific conclusions as the mythic normative framework that constitutes the paradigm within which mainstream social scientists do normal social?

Is it possible that the basic foundations of our economic structures and monetary systems or their absence are at fault? Douglas Hurd, a former diplomat and conservative foreign secretary in the UK, explains in an interview,33 as well as in his book,34 how multilateral institutions such as United Nations, Bretton Woods institutions, NATO are failing.

We missed our opportunity to reimagine the big institutions of the world back in , he warns. They must be settled now, Hurd urges. Krugman and Wells continue to explain that as memories of the s faded, constraints began to be lifted. In the s, after many constraints were gone, the Latin American debt crisis broke, followed by the Asian crisis of the s.