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The tope shark is considered harmless to humans due to its small size and its preference for small prey items. However, according to the International Shark Attack File, one unprovoked attack on a human has been attributed to this species. The tope shark should be treated cautiously if captured and landed to avoid injuries. High levels of mercury have been detected in the flesh of the tope shark, causing the reduction or restrictions on this fishery in some locations.

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The worldwide population of the tope shark has declined significantly in the past years. The tope shark has been commercially harvested in Australian and New Zealand waters for over 50 years. This region currently has the only management plan in place to aid the recovery of tope shark stocks.

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In the western Atlantic Ocean, its range is limited from southern Brazil to Argentina while in the eastern Atlantic it can be found from Iceland to South Africa, including the Mediterranean Sea. In the western Indian Ocean region, the tope shark resides only in waters off South Africa. The tope shark is an abundant species that resides in continental and insular waters including shallow bays. It is also found in offshore waters as well as in the surf zone. This shark commonly occurs near the bottom substrate at depths to 1, feet m.

It also is pelagic in open waters as evidenced by capture on floating longlines in deep waters. At the higher latitudes in its range, the tope shark is a highly migratory species. In some locations, small schools of tope sharks moved toward the poles during the summer and toward the equator during the cool winter months. These sharks are strong swimmers, capable of swimming up to 35 miles 56 km per day. Schools of tope sharks display partial segregation by sex and size. guest review guidelines

In waters off California U. Exceptions to this segregation occurred only at the pupping grounds in southern inshore locations where females dominated. Distinctive Features The tope shark is a large, slender houndshark Family Triakidae , with a long snout and large mouth. Pronounced spiracles are located just behind the large, almond-shaped eyes.

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The first dorsal fin is much larger than the second dorsal. The second dorsal fin is located nearly over the anal fin and is of approximately the same size. This same-sized dorsal and anal fin measurement along with the large terminal caudal tab which extends about half the length of the dorsal caudal margin distinguishes this shark from other houndsharks.

A soft blue twilight time reserved mostly for birds; before humans turn their voices up, emails arise, and iPhones begin to boo-dah-ling. This is when English illustrator Jamie Hewlett likes to get up. At around 8. Radio 4 is the BBC's flagship talk radio station. A mainstay of the British middle classes, it covers news, documentary and drama, including a bafflingly popular farm-themed soap opera called The Archers.

At least, this is how his days are supposed to go. Over the last 25 years, Jamie has become renowned as an award-winning illustrator, artist and music video director, capable of dreaming up entire universes. In , aged just 20, he co-created the cult comic series Tank Girl with his friend Alan Martin.

Tank Girl was a foul-mouthed, heavy drinking, hard fighting, sexually dominant heroine.

She became an icon wherever the comic was sold — inspiring protests against Margaret Thatcher, influencing designers like Vivienne Westwood, and triggering the bad girl fashion craze of the early s. Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn were born within 11 days of each other in , under the Chinese zodiac of the monkey. Both had ended long-term relationships, and wanted to do something new with their lives.

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Damon had bought a plasma screen television on which they spent hours watching MTV, staring perplexed into the burning bush of pop culture. Everything seemed so phony, commodified and manufactured, but not even skillfully manufactured. Their response was their next creation, Gorillaz; a group of two dimensional cartoon characters with cliche band member personalities and preposterous back stories. They would be given the room to grow on their own terms, conducting interviews in character for example.

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Murdoc was based on Keith Richards, sort of satanic. Russel was this sort of meta, hip-hop guy who has had suffered through life.

The idea of having a little girl in the band who plays mean guitar was much more fun. Then we made her Japanese — why not? Across the 20 years and six studio albums of Gorillaz, the characters have evolved with their stories. He has dominated interviews this year, answering questions with fired-up but vague declarations that make no sense under inspection. Not having too much confidence can keep you grounded, and keep you focused on the most important things, which is your work and your art. To keep the Gorillaz-universe alive, each album starts with a storyline on what the characters will be up to and how they will act.

It usually forms in the same way.

These conversations then inform his first drawings for the campaign, which are go to a team of writers who work on structuring and expanding the story. Once an album campaign is underway, Jamie is in a constant state of drawing. New sketches, artworks, storyboards, video ideas, merchandise, tweaking, designing, changing. In , he helped to envision a virtual reality video for their single Saturnz Barz in which they created a surreal degree haunted house experience for fans to explore. As a result, the total body of work he makes for each album is monumental.

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We think this colour would be wonderful to customize table vases and candle holders for weddings and other holiday celebrations. Possibly even personalized signs and even some creative mosaic art work for your home. If you crave an aged look that transcends time, this is the metallic paint for you. We will also be sharing a blog post that shows you how to use all three metallic paint colors at once to recreate this beauty! These metallics are such an amazing addition to our beautiful metallic collection.