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The Etruscans are a vanished race who left no written records or even their language as a lasting memory. What they seem to have left behind are their burial places, funerary items and some striking statues. The Museum at Tarquinia has a fine collection of these including several rooms of cinerary urns with two figures, generally a man and a woman and so presumably a married couple, in 3d form on the lids reclining as if at a banquet.

Mornings in Mexico

It was very exciting to think that I had gazed on some of the same objects on which Lawrence had also gazed. Lawrence lived in New Mexico and Mexico for 2 years during the early years of the 20th century. He was fortunate to witness two great celebratory and mystic dances; the Dance of the Sprouting Corn and the Hopi Snake Dance. These may now be mere dances without any real meaning as traditions and knowledge begin to erode over time.

He visited these places long before tourists found their way there and even now they are still out of the way places. But, as well as Cerveteri and Tarquinia, he also went to Vulci and Volterra which are more off the beaten track. He discusses the painted tombs of Tarquinia in 2 sections.

They are justly revered for their brightly painted reliefs which depict everyday life such as hunting and fishing together with scenes from the life of the deceased. Lawrence also describes the looted, desecrated and abandoned burial places of Vulci with sympathy. He ponders te fate of the Etruscans and I found his research and comments invaluable.