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What is phobophobia? Everything you need to know about fear of fear | Metro News

The case history presented suggests that inhalation of CO2-O2 mixtures induces the phobic interoceptive sensations and that it can be used in the exposure treatment of phobophobia. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Didn't get the message? Find out why Add to Clipboard.

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Fetching bibliography My Bibliography Add to Bibliography. Their fear of having the IBS symptoms and associated anxiety may become greater than the social anxiety itself.

While a fear of cancer, for example, does not increase the odds of developing it, the fear of phobias can lead to a phobia. But not all medical professionals agree on how common phobophobia is.

Ms Vanlint explained that she has never been referred a client with this diagnosis, but knows about the impact of phobophobia from her own experience. I became dizzy and feared that I would fall. Ms Vanlint said that phobophobia typically responds well to standard phobia treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy CBT , exposure therapy, neuro-linguistic programming NLP and hypnosis, although she pointed out that mindfulness, meditation and yoga that calm your mind, body and nervous system could help too.


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Vio-lence phobophobia

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