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Each time a face looked at me with subdued eyes. What I saw was not the same as the image I pretended to see when I looked in the mirror. Stubbornly, I found solace in blaming the ripples for the wrinkles and abhorrent distortions on my face.

Conversations With My Soul: Stories & Reflections on Life, Death & Love After Loss

A painful allegory of sight, and a revelation of reality. Love is a reflected energy and the energy has a feeling. This feeling is as tangible as any solid thing because love has mass, volume, and validity. We discover a philosophical way of living by encountering the world, culling knowledge from all available resources, and thinking reverently about life. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls. She felt like a dry branch, sticking out of the air.

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Brittle, covered in old bark. Maybe she was thirsty, but there was no water nearby. And above all the suffocating certainty that if a man were to embrace her at that moment she would feel not a soft sweetness in her nerves, but lime juice stinging them, her body like wood near fire, warped, crackling, dry. She couldn't soothe herself by saying: this is just a pause, life will come afterwards like a wave of blood, washing over me, moistening my parched wood.

She couldn't fool herself because she knew she was also living and that those moments were the peak of something difficult, of a painful experience for which she should be thankful: almost as if she were feeling time outside herself, in a detached manner. No feet. Life brings so much yet takes it away so suddenly.

What Is Self-Reflection?

And, at the time of death what we are left with is shared friendship and memories. Our friend is hurting, in pain, and traveling along the road of despair and grief. But old friend, never feel that we will not gladly walk with you through these difficult times. We offer our comfort, our unspoken support, our ears, our hearts, and our strength.

You will not be alone. There are several people who reflect on their life throughout a lifetime and one of these reflections is that done by those simple glances in the mirror and decides whether what you seem to be or what you want to be is real or simply a picture reflecting back to you that you do not recognize.

Thus was the case of this friend who lost his wife recently.

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He told me that he looked in the mirror and did not like what he saw. He had become a saddened shape of what was once full of vitality and purpose. He knew that he was troubled and that he needed help.

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  7. The good news is that he sought help before he slipped further and further down a hill that would present a terribly difficult climb back up. It Happens To Us All Every person goes through terrible loss in life and sometimes that loss must be shared over and over gain with other good friends, and even others must seek help to be able to carry on.

    Reflections on Life, Death And Grabbing the Gusto

    Home may be a foster care placement, a house with family members, a shelter, or a host of other scenarios. Wherever "home" is for a child, there are many opportunities to be included in everyday activities to build skills and a sense of belonging to a family unit.

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    If a child feels a sense of acceptance and accomplishment at home, he or she will have more confidence to foster relationships at school and in the community. Below are some ideas about how to include a child with disabilities in family activities. Slow down the pace.

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    7. With the demands of modern life many families are constantly on the move. Chaos and confusion can cause a child with disabilities to withdraw from family activities.

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      Make sure there is time in the day for quiet games, reading, or a family conversation. This will allow a child with disabilities to participate at their own pace. Next post: Clarifying the Roles and Responsibilities of Paraeducators.