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    Shellback Silver Rum is made from some of the finest Caribbean sugarcane, and blended with twelve spices. For centuries, sailors crossing the Equator for the first time earned the respected title "Shellback" meaning "A son of Neptune", for their experiences.. After perfecting the recipe and maturing the distinct blend in oak barrels, Master Distiller Jack Napier drew a glass. Reveling in the taste, he pronounced it "Black Velvet", epitomizing this as the smoothest of blended Canadian Whiskies.

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    The essences of real watermelons are combined with smooth Bacardi rum for fresh watermelon flavor in every sip. Bacardi Arctic Grape Flavored Rum is a brilliant flavor combination of refreshingly tart white grapes and the exotic, dynamic taste of Arctic berries infused with Bacardi rum. Malibu Pineapple is a distinctive twist on authentic Caribbean Rum. Carried to international shores by the Twelve Islands Shipping Company, Malibu brings together white rum with exotic fruits.

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    It's a taste of Paradise you can enjoy anytime. Bacardi Pineapple is a unique fusion of pineapple and coconut rums. Bacardi Grapefruit Flavored Rum is infused with pink grapefruit flavors to create a semi-sweet, citrus taste. Pair Bacardi Grapefruit with pink lemonade, or use it to add a new grapefruit twist to old classics like the Mojito and Mule.

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