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Customer Reviews Based on 3 reviews Write a review. Tokyo is perhaps more captivating and intriguing than it is sexy. However, the city is home to one of the largest sex shops in the world, proving that there might be more than meets the eye in this Japanese city. Long stretches of sandy beaches and some of the most romantic hotels in the world help make Bali a sexy city to visit for sure. In terms of pure intimacy, Glasgow ranked No.

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And, the Scottish accent is the sixth sexiest in the world. While not quite as sexy as Rio, Sao Paulo is teeming with passionate locals and sensual sights that make even the coldest of visitors turn hot. Brazilians are the fourth hottest nationality in the world, and their accents are downright mesmerising, which might account for why travellers find Sao Paulo so tantalising. Brisbane is jam-packed with things to do, and getting flirty is one of them.

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Head to the famous Tropicana cabaret show in Havana and try not to get all worked up. The city itself is sensuous and sultry, and it truly shows in every facet of Cuban life. Strong mojitos and soulful bars pumping rhythmic Latin music further add to the sensual vibes. The sexiest city in the world? Auckland, apparently.

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Not only do people think the Kiwi accent is the sexiest in the world, but Kiwis themselves also seem to be pretty sexual. Auckland was No. According to one study regarding sexual appetites, Cambridge is the most liberated city in the UK. This is especially great news for singles, as people in Cambridge go on more dates than the average person in Europe. One of the friendliest cities in England is Manchester, thanks to its exuberant vibe and a multicultural mix of residents.

That must also be the reason why people here report such high sexual interest and levels of satisfaction. Delectable Belgian chocolate and impressive architecture make Brussels extremely romantic, but what about sexy?

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Locals seem to think the city itself is pretty alluring, as the city ranked seventh on the list of the 50 most sensual cities in the world a few years back. Must be all those men in tights at the Russian National Ballet. Check out the best places in Moscow here. Like Paris, Rome is home to some of the most romantic tourist attractions in the world. Singles in Toronto have twice as much sex as the national average. While having long been known for being one of the most sexually-open cities in the world, Amsterdam is about more than the Red Light District. It might be the alcohol talking, but numerous readers said they thought Ibiza was one of the sexiest cities in the world.

To be fair, there is something super sexy about crazy festivals, cosy beach bars, and a culture that knows how to party well into the night. Locals and travellers alike think Seattle is sexy — must be the laidback vibes and cosy weather. Tango is probably the sexiest thing two people can do with their clothes on, and as the tango capital of the world, Buenos Aires is inherently sexy. Romance and passion seep from the streets in Buenos Aires, which is appropriately named the Paris of South America. The poll said that locals have slightly liberal attitudes, and New York City is consistently ranked high in terms of sex-positivity.

Liberal views and open minds are pretty sexy qualities. The weather here is so hot and humid that locals have to strip down to practically nothing just to beat the heat. Lively Carnival festivals and attractive locals make Rio de Janeiro super seductive.

Being Single: What It’s About And Why It May Be The Best Way To Live Your Life

Anybody who has visited Berlin will understand just how rich the underground scene in the city is. However, our readers noted that the nightlife and local culture made Melbourne the sexiest Australian city.

Looking for the kinkiest city in the United States? Head to Los Angeles, which ranked high pretty across the board in terms of the dating scene, sexual satisfaction, and general attitudes towards relationships. LA just oozes sexy. Not only is it home to some of the best nude beaches in the world, but locals head to the supermarket naked, too. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, numerous Swiss cities ranked extremely high in terms of sexual activity and overall happiness with their private lives.

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Home to the second sexiest accent in the world and some of the sexiest people on this planet, South Africa certainly does its part in helping make the world a more sensual place. In fact, one study showed that South Africans came in third globally for the highest number of Google searches for sex toys, trailing the US and the UK.

Not only did our readers rank Danish as the second sexiest nationality in the world, but studies show that the country is just sexy all around; they purchase the most sex toys per capita in the world. Seems like the general consensus is that the Mile High City really plays to the passionate side of both visitors and locals. Paris is by far the most romance-filled city in the world.

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Scantily-clad locals line the sandy shores of Miami, without a doubt one of the sexiest cities in the world.