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With Silas Baldwin down on the ground and maybe dead, Jorney flees to a life of running and hiding, always just one step ahead of the law. From working for the Civilian Conservation Corps C. When he finds the girl of his dreams, it seems everything is going to work out alright after all.

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When he finds himself on trial for murder, the darkest days of his young life are ahead of him. Jorney Wilson was truly born of the red earth, thus the title of this book. Follow him as he tries to make a life for himself and find justice and vindication for a crime he didnt commit. Share his adventures as he roams the countryside and helps make history in the young and growing state of Oklahoma. Sit with him in the dark cells of the Atoka County Jail as he awaits his trial for murder.

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Live with him as he fights to be free as a Son of the Red Earth. I did want to start doing pottery … so I looked into my tribe and really found our pottery tradition and how grand it was. About seven years ago, he connected with Red Earth Honored One Jeraldine Redcorn, who has earned national recognition for her work to reclaim the Caddo pottery tradition. She showed me how she made her pots and the designs … and I kind of took it from there and learned how to make the clay and pit-fire and stuff the old way.

Chase entered his first Red Earth in , and two years ago, he won the festival's grand prize. Seven years younger than Chase, Chad, 33, also attended art school in Georgia, earning his bachelor's degree in graphic design at the Atlanta College of Art. Art's been what I've done my whole life.

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Last year, he moved back to Oklahoma City to pursue a career as a visual artist, creating paintings, drawings, graphic art, apparel and more. His style is often abstract and contemporary, but the traditional Caddo pottery designs still flow through his work. Gaylord Boulevard. Chad said he remembers as a toddler crawling around his Dad's booth at a few art shows. The elder Earles briefly exhibited at various events as a photographer, but with a full-time job and a family, he eventually gave it up. Although he took a few art classes at the University of Oklahoma while getting his psychology degree, Wayne Earles, 69, said he didn't think he could make a living as an artist.

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He worked for 38 years for the federal government, primarily with the Indian Health Service. When he retired seven years ago, he soon began accompanying Chase to art shows, and his older son started urging him to find his own artistic outlet.

When Chad moved back to OKC, he added his encouragement, too. The patriarch considered shell carving, silversmithing and other art forms before trying out stone carving last year. Although his traditional items already have won awards at Red Earth and other American Indian shows around the state, Wayne said that isn't his focus.

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