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John Hamilton Gray, M. Useful philologically; but Barnes would supply far more in that direction, and spiritual exposition besides. Evenings in the Land of Uz; a Comment on Job. Second Edition. Isaac Taylor commends this volume as one which "disclaiming all purpose of critical exposition, aims only under the guidance of Christian feeling and experience to follow and to unfold the spiritual intention of this rich portion of Holy Scripture.

Sermons on the Book of Job.

Bibliography – Enduring Word Commentary by David Guzik

We have here nothing very fresh, but everything is sound and good. Job and his Times. New Version, with Notes. It is not so much of the nature of a Commentary as a collection of fragments and brief essays on various topics referred to in the Book of Job.

Driving Out the Canaanites and Their Iron Chariots - Charles Spurgeon Sermon

Brief Notes. Being a pithie and clear opening of the Scope and Meaning of the Text, to the capacitie of the Weakest. Though not of the first order, many of his remarks are good. Abbot was nephew to the Archbishop of the same name. The Psalms Translated and Explained. Occupies a first place among expositions. It is a clear and judicious explanation of the text, and cannot be dispensed with. The Book of Praises. The Psalms, with Notes. The Notes are mostly from other authors, and are selected with discretion. They do not appear to have been designed by their collector for use beyond his own family circle, and they were published after his death by his friends.

We question the wis-dora of the publication. Translated, with Notes. As a Father he is beyond ordinary criticism, or we would venture to say that he is too frequently mystical, and confounds plain texts.

Catalogue of Commentaries & Expositions

No theological library is complete without this work, for there are grand thoughts in it like huge nuggets of Australian gold. The Psalms Evangelized. Very pious; but if the work should ever disappear from literature its absence will not leave a very great gap. Bishop Horne and Dr.

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Hawker between them more than cover the space. Thoroughly good. Using these notes constantly, we are more and. For the general run of preachers this is probably the best commentary extant. A Com-mentary. Translated from the Latin, by the Ven. John O'Sul-livan, D. He is frequently as evangelical as a Reformer. He follows the Vulgate text in this comment. Short Meditations on the Psalms, chiefly in their Prophetic character.

Mere fragments, in a style which we do not admire, which seems to be peculiar to,certain brethren. Only the initiated can understand what such writers mean. A highly valuable work. It is not an exposition, but can readily be used as such, for it possesses a good index to the passages treated of Dr. Binnie reviews with great skill and intense devotion the various sacred poems contained in the Book of Psalms, and gives the general run and character of each one. Christ and his Church in the Book of Psalms. His remarks are always weighty, spiritual, and suggestive; we only wish there were more of them He has cultivated brevity.

Evangelical, devotional, and expository. Preachers will find good thought here. The Book of Psalms in English Verse. The Psalms rhymed in a New Testament spirit: they are better in prose. BUSH G. A Commentary on the Book of Psalms. With a new literal version.

Does not appear to have been reprinted in England. To which are added by the Translator a Praxis of the first eight Psalms. Thomas Dee, A.

We agree with the statement found in the Preface of this work: "Nearly two centuries have passed away, since Bythner, uncertain of its reception, first committed his Lyra to public light; during:which time, instead of sinking, it has advanced in estimation,' being admitted by all the learned to be the very best work on the Psalms in Hebrew. The Psalms of David and others, with Commentaries.

Translated by Arthur Golding. S vols. Oaf, Missionary to Ceylon. The Psalms, newly translated from the Hebrew. The emendations are carefully made by the translator, who has been for many years engaged upon the Singalese version. A helpful book. The Psalms in Metre. We do not think much of the metrical rendering, which often jars on the ear. There are a few good notes at the end. A Textual Commentary on the Psalms. Make one for yourself. Commendable in its way, but not important. Most of its matter is to be found elsewhere. Psalterium Messianicum Davidis Regis et Prophetae.

Spurgeon's Sermons Volume 03: 1857

The large type swells out a small quantity of material to a needless size, and so puts purchasers to an unnecessary expense. The Psalms. A New Version, with Notes. Thick 12mo. The translation is mainly that of Rogers No. We see no use whatever in this production.