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This means that others, whom you do not know, will be able to receive Fluid Nexus message but Fluid Nexus Messages alone from your device. This is by design, as Fluid Nexus is a broadcast flooding protocol, meant to spread messages as far and as wide as possible. Please take care to remove identifying information if you deem this to be a risk. The main interface provides a list of all of the messages that have been created or received, sorted from newest to oldest. On the desktop version, all of the message is displayed in the main window. If there is an attachment, an icon will be displayed with a blue clickable link to open it.

This allows you to view all messages the default , messages to be sent to the Nexus, only those you have created and are thus "outgoing", and blacklisted messages.

Secret of the Nexus

Options for viewing different message types on the desktop version. On the toolbar, from left to right the options are: all, nexus messages, outgoing messages, and blacklisted messages. New messages can be created by selecting the "New Message" menu item on Android or by clicking the "New Message" button on the Desktop toolbar also available under the "File" menu. This will open up a new message window. Fill out the desired title and message. Messages can be marked as potentially being sent to the Nexus by checking "Public push to Nexus?

Attachments can be added as well. In the Desktop application simply press "Choose File On Android, select the type of attachment audio, image, video and then tap "Add Attachment Once complete, you can remove an attachment if desired by tapping "Remove Attachment To save, simply tap the "Back" button on Android, where you will be presented a confirmation dialog, or click "Save" on the Desktop.

Messages you create can be edited or deleted, while messages you receive can be deleted or blacklisted. On Android, to edit or delete a message you have created, long tap the desired message in the main window to open up a context menu. On the Desktop, click the edit message icon or the delete message icon to do the same. For messages you have received you either blacklist or delete the message; long tap on Android the desired message to bring up the menu.

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On the Desktop, click the blacklist message icon or the delete message icon to do the same. Once a message is on the blacklist you can only view it by selecting the "Blacklist" view. Once there you can remove it by, on Android, long tapping on the desired message and selecting "Unblacklist Message".

On the desktop, click the unblacklist message icon. Both the Android and the Desktop applications have preferences that allow you to control how the applications behave. The "Network" section provides checkboxes to enable or disable particular network modalities. Fluid Nexus is opportunistic and tries to use whatever modality is available to spread messages. Multiple modalities can run in parallel without problems. At the moment we have implemented three modalities:. For each of the network modalities with the exception of "Nexus" you also have the possibility of setting the "Scan Frequency"; this is the amount of time between successive scans for nearby devices.

Lower values mean more frequent scans.

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This might include information like where visitors came from and which type of browser the user is using. This might also include your IP address. We use conversion tracking from Facebook to help us understand how effective campaigns are from Facebook. We use conversion tracking to help us understand how effective our digital campaigns are. How it was discovered is a fascinating story in itself. Renne-Ie-Chateau's sacred landscape geometry bears the mark of an earlier advanced culture in France with links to ancient Egypt.

The evidence is at odds with the 'authorised' version of history. Soon after his US backers 'stole' his patents, Viktor Schauberger died, a broken man. Note The secret keys are saved in encrypted form in the running configuration. Use the show running-config command to display the encrypted secret keys. You can specify one or more remote AAA servers to authenticate users using server groups.

The servers are tried in the same order in which you configure them. You can configure these server groups at any time but they only take effect when you apply them to an AAA service.

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Optional Configures the monitoring dead time. The default is 0 minutes. The range is from 1 through You can use Ethernet interfaces, loopback interfaces, or the management interface mgmt 0. The default is the global source interface.

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Optional Specifies the VRF to use to contact the servers in the server group. Note User-specified logins are supported only for Telnet sessions. The default is disabled. The default timeout interval is 5 seconds.

The range is from 1 to 60 seconds. Specifies the timeout interval for a specific server. The default is the global value. The default TCP port is The range is from 1 to These parameters include the username and password to use for the server and an idle timer. You can configure this option to test servers periodically, or you can run a one-time only test. Note The default idle timer value is 0 minutes.