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Finally, the Committee of Ministers is invited to call on all Council of Europe member States to show a more sustained commitment to ensure an adequate protection of victims of terrorist acts.

Site Work Documents. Report Protecting and supporting the victims of terrorism Doc. Summary Victims of terrorist acts, with their specific physical, material, emotional and psychological needs, must be afforded adequate protection and support, and their dignity and human rights must be fully upheld.

The identities of the victims and survivors were released at a news conference on Thursday afternoon, but a portrait of those aboard began to emerge earlier in the day from accounts provided by relatives and in social media posts. They told a story of a manifest heavy with public servants — firefighters, retired police officers and military men — who had boarded the aircraft eagerly, in anticipation of a demonstration flight that quickly went terribly wrong.

The Victims

Five minutes after takeoff at a. The plane, carrying three crew members and 10 passengers, circled back and descended toward one of the runways, she said.

On the descent, the plane, which witnesses said was flying with its right wing lower than its left, struck an approach light that was 1, feet from the threshold of the runway. In total, the plane hit about 30 approach lights as it sped toward the airport.

The victims of the Grenfell Tower fire

At a. Homendy said that the N. She noted, however, that N.

Remembering the Victims

Six of those aboard survived and were taken to hospitals, some with severe and some with minor injuries. Francis J. Evon Jr.

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The plane was operated by a flight team from the Collings Foundation , and was at the airport as part of a Wings of Freedom tour that included demonstration flights on vintage aircraft. For other uses, see Victim disambiguation.

DNA evidence can increase likelihood of holding a perpetrator accountable.

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