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Using his original characters, Lehua and Ehu, he has interwoven classic Hawaiian tales into the narrative and provides inspiration to further explore the vast, rich lore of the ancient Hawaiians.

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Travel now to the secret island of the gods, Kanehunamoku, and see what wonders will be revealed. More information on all of these books is available on our Books page. We are a family owned and operated printing and publishing company located in beautiful Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. We offer many services, including copies, fax, printing, bindery, and lamination.

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We also publish a line of Hawaiiana Books. In fact, Petroglyph Press remains the only publisher in the state of Hawaii that can claim its products are entirely "made in Hawaii. Copyright NPR. Cities in California can no longer tack on exorbitant legal fees to settle minor local code violations, thanks to a new law enacted this week.

The law makes it illegal for cities and counties to charge defendants for the legal costs to investigate, prosecute or appeal a criminal violation of a local ordinance. For more than 15 years, Oakland's police department has been under federal oversight following a police abuse and racial profiling scandal. As part of a negotiated settlement in , the city agreed to work toward sweeping police reforms. The Riders Settlement mandated ongoing monitoring of the department, including the collection of data on police stops and an end to discriminatory policing.

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But there's mounting frustration that federal oversight and better data collection have not led to real change, despite a massive price tag. As legalization of recreational and medical marijuana continues to expand, police across the country are more concerned than ever about stoned drivers taking to the nation's roads and freeways, endangering lives. With few accurate roadside tools to detect pot impairment, police today have to rely largely on field sobriety tests developed to fight drunk driving or old-fashioned observation, which can be foiled with Visine or breath mints.

A new report out Thursday by the federal government's auditing arm raises big concerns about how the Department of Veterans Affairs handles employees who report wrongdoing and managers found to have committed misconduct. The U. Government Accountability Office's report says VA whistleblowers are far more likely than their colleagues to face discipline or removal after reporting misconduct.

Alan Hyde is a veteran of the U.

He served in Operation Desert Storm, where he suffered an in-service leg injury. But it's his time with the Central Alabama VA, he says, that has left him more rattled, frustrated and angry.

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In the early hours of June 5, , Sen. Robert F.

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Kennedy was gunned down in a kitchen hallway of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Kennedy was a top Democratic contender.

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He had just given a rousing victory speech after winning the California presidential primary. He died the following day. Today, the hotel is gone. But in its place is a kind of living memorial to his ethos of social justice and fairness to everything from immigration to the environment.

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Ramona Morales, who turns 80 in May, technically has a criminal record. Her offense? One of her renters kept chickens.

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  • Beautiful roosters they were," Morales says walking in the backyard of the modest ranch home she rents out in the Coachella Valley city of Indio, Calif. Beautiful, but annoying to some neighbors and against the Indio's municipal code on keeping farm animals in a residential area.

    On one level, it looks like all is mostly back to normal in the small, rural community of Rancho Tehama in Northern California. But just below the surface it's clear people here are still grappling with the aftermath of a local man's murderous rampage nearly three months ago that killed five and wounded 12 others. Branches of America's federal law enforcement and intelligence services may be secretly helping state and local police arrest suspects every day in ways that raise fundamental questions about defendants' civil and due process rights, according to a recent Human Rights Watch report.

    President Trump took office in January, vowing in a dark-toned inaugural to end what he described as "this American carnage" fueled by gangs, drugs and street violence. America did see historic carnage in , but critics say it had far less to do with gangs and drugs than with disturbed individuals with easy access to firearms. Now here's a story of saving lives.

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    It was part of Tuesday's mass shooting in northern California. Teachers, a janitor and others at a school kept it from being worse. It takes an effort just to establish the timeline of a series of shootings in Northern California. He's on the line.